Badra Estates


Badra estates was founded by the Mammen family in 1936 and has been passed down through the family. The farms are situated in Chickmagalur in the hills around Bababudan Giri, the birthplace of coffee in India, where the first coffee plants in India arrived in 1670. In addition to coffee, the plantations also produce pepper, cocoa, betel nut, cardamom, rubber and teak. The coffees are mostly produced using washed processing. However, natural and pulped natural coffees are also produced. All of the coffee is cultivated beneath shade trees.

Jacob Mammen
Name Badra Estates
Manager Jacob Mammen
Latitude / Longitude 13.351936, 75.475511 (13°21’07.0“N 75°28’31.8“E)
Established 1936
Estates 3 (Balehonnur, Kerkiecoondah, Bettadakhan)
Hectares 600
Staff 28
Workers 425
Coffee Species Arabica, Canephora, Liberica
Coffee Varieties SLN 274, Old Paradenia, S 795, Catimor, Sarchimore, SLN 9
Processing Natural, Pulped Natural, Fully Washed
Annual Production 700-850t