Finca Hamburgo


In 1888, Arthur Edelmann from Perleberg took up the invitation from the Mexican government to create jobs in the soconusco region. He established Finca Hamburgo, which was taken over by his son Harald following his death in 1933. Harald expanded the farm and built the first cableway in Chiapas in 1939. After harald edelmann died in 1976, the farm was passed on to his son Eberhard Edelmann Dopp, who endured a difficult time through the coffee crisis. Today, the farm is managed by Tomas Edelmann Blass, who produces the finest coffee with fresh citrus notes using washed processing.

Tomas Edelmann Blass
Name Finca Hamburgo
Manager Tomas Edelmann Blass
Latitude / Longitude 115.173322, -92.329461 (15°10’24.0”N 92°19’46.1”W)
Established 1888
Estates 3 (Hamburgo, Chiripa, Sonora)
Hectares 290
Staff 80
Workers 500
Coffee Species Arabica
Coffee Varieties Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Catuai, Maragogype, Pacamara
Processing Natural, Pulped Natural, Fully Washed
Annual Production 700 – 850t