Finca La Buena Esperanza

El Salvador

In 1924, Amalia de Quintanilla purchased 56 hectares of land at an altitude of around 1,500 meters in the Cacahuatique Mountains in el salvador and called it “La Buena Esperanza”. The plantation features very rare clay with a high proportion of iron. It is shaded by a variety of endemic shade trees, including a large number of avocados, citrus fruits and other agricultural plants. This special soil composition and the allelopathic factors lend the coffee from this farm a unique character. Today, Andres Quintanilla is the fourth generation to manage the plantation and gives particular attention to rare coffee varieties.

Andrès Quintanilla
Name Finca La Buena Esperanza
Manager Andrès Quintanilla
Latitude / Longitude 13.779500, -88.203500 (13°46’46.2”N 88°12’12.6”W)
Website -
Established 1924
Estates 2 (La Quintanilla, La Palma)
Hectares 96.5
Staff 8
Workers 80
Coffee Species Arabica
Coffee Varieties Bourbon Tekisic, Typica, Pacamara, Centroamerica, Icatu, Marsellesa
Processing Natural, Pulped Natural, Fully Washed
Annual Production 50-100t